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No contracts, no commitments.

Find a gym, buy a pass, and get to your workout!


Whether you are on the go, or just looking to try a new gym with no strings attached, GymFly can help!


Find Your Gym

There are over 30,000 fitness centers in our app already, and you can purchase access to a growing number of them every day! We are expanding daily across major cities in the US!


Get the Best Workout

Advanced filtering lets you find the most affordable gym, that supports your workout. Whether that is yoga, boxing, or a hardcore weight regiment, we can help!


Secure, Fast and Easy!

View prices, pictures, specials and other information right in the app! When you find the perfect gym, just a few clicks get you gym access through our secure payments system!





GymFly was created by some guys who were always looking for a good gym while traveling... So rest assured, we know the problems you face when looking for a workout! We set out to solve all those problems and make access to fitness easier for everyone!

Find the Perfect Workout

You need to know what to expect when you head to the gym... What does the place look like, what are the hours, what amenities do they have, and more. We make that simple for you. No more long Google searches to find gyms. Just open GymFly and see what is nearby!

Amazing Simplicity

Agree to the standard waivers in the app with just a few clicks, and pay with our secure payments system. That means when you sign up there's no paperwork, and nothing stopping you from getting right to your workout! This truly is fitness on demand!

Secure, Fast Payments

Remember how we said no sales pitches and contracts? That's because we process your payment and liability forms right in the application before you arrive! So once you show up, you just show your pass code, and get to work! We use maximum security payment processing, to make sure your data is protected.



Constantly traveling for work, we continuously felt finding a good place to workout was way too hard... When we started talking to others around us, they felt the same way! So, we set out to solve that problem by creating GymFly. After months of work, we have fitness centers and customers from all over the US lined up anxious to use our service! We're so excited to make fitness on demand a true reality!





New things can be scary, we get it! If you have any questions about our service, please don't hesitate to send us a message!